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Insight into who I am? Hmm, one of my dearest friends said, "You need to get your t.v. watchin, greenery smokin, feline lovin, tree-huggin, no meat eatin, Goddess-adoring butt out of that bed and get to school! You hear me?!?" Of course I mumble and grumble in protest, mornings aren't my bag.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Handfastings, Love & Life!

Wow, life has been so interesting lately. My perspectives overall are changing, people are coming up to me and asking me to be involved in their wedding or handfastings that are coming up soon. One friend asked me to perform a Handfasting for them. Ally, my old Califunny roommate, explained how I can become ordained online and then they send a certificate in the mail that says you are legally allowed to marry people. So that is my current investigation going on in life right now. How mind blowing is that though, that one can become ordained online!?

I’m so excited to plan this Handfasting and meet with the couple to make sure all of their wishes are being incorporated in how they would like the ceremony done.

Recently, I also learned of Sandra and Frank’s engagement and they asked Ally and I to perform the ceremony for them in California in August. I believe Ally will be the Priestess that conducts the exchanging of the traditional vows, while I am the Priestess that will help with the Wiccan traditions beforehand. I’ve done this before for Ally’s wedding almost three years ago. I had a lot of fun in that sacred role. It had been an honor to be asked to do that for her and it is again an honor to have the opportunity to do this for Sandra and Frank.

Then a close friend of mine in Denver, Mya asked me to help her with the reception party favors. We went up to my old hometown up in the mountains to Kittredge, Colorado and gathered smooth river rocks. She wants me to paint a foundation on the rocks a semi-glossy charcoal color and then hand them over to another friend where that person will paint the calligraphy of “I Love You” in another language. Although, the role is a humble one, I am genuinely excited to participate and do this for her. I will breathe love into each and every rock I paint blessing them all!

My own dating life has been just interesting. I’ve dated Ms. Elusive, Ms. In-A-Hurry, Ms. OCD, Ms. Self-Identity Crisis and Ms. Will You Move To Another State & Give Up Everything You Worked For? Anyone want to take a wild guess why none of them escalated into anything more than a few dates? It’s been quite a ride! I’ve learned more about myself and the kind of desires I’d like in a future mate. For having that dawning of recognition, I’m grateful to each and every one of those dates. I have a theory that life is full of frogs and I’ll keep on kissing frogs until one finally transforms. Sometimes I get depressed about it but for the most part I figure life is short, hop on one and ride! I have to keep my sense of humor here or I’d just go nuts. Riiiiibbbiiiit!

The Yahoo Personals has been an interesting experience in itself. I don’t expect to meet Ms. Right from the internet but if there's another frog to go out and have fun with for a while that's fine with me. Even a new friend is welcome too. I believe the Goddess already has someone very much in mind for me but it’s just a matter of timing and building to get to that point. If I’ve waited this long, then surely I can muster up the patience to wait a while longer? Sometimes I wonder….are we really all destined to meet and be with one person for life? What if some of us are fated to a series of frogs? It’s a fleeing thought and has no permanent residence in my idealistic romantic heart but I do ponder it. Que Sera, Sera eh?

I will become the Secretary of Mile High Rainbow Society for the Deaf (MHRSD) here in Colorado. They are working on making me the elected official for that position right now. I look forward to the adventure of learning all that comes with that commitment. Recently was photographed receiving the grant check from Sam’s Club for RMDS where I work. I think RMDS just may humiliate me further and mount the thing on the wall with the picture of me shaking the managers’ hand. We’ll see. School is underway again and I’m looking forward to learning everything I can from my classes and hopefully getting all A’s again by the end of the semester. I will work hard and give it my all to earn those kind of marks again.

I've been presented more opportunities to substitute teach. While I love the experience and the rewarding feeling at the end of the day, I'm investigating into what it takes to acquire a substitute teaching certificate. Once I've taken the neccessary steps in accumulating one, I will be paid more for having that certificate behind me. I am also busy trying to process two different applications for two summer job potentials. One is called the Aspen Center for Austim located in South Denver and the other is a day camp for disability kids called Camp Paha in Lakewood. I'm starting to feel pulled in many ways and wishing there was a way I could manifest two of me to get everything I need done! Phew!

Was in the hospital for 14 long hours last week for Asthma. My body having been weak because I had been fighting off a cold, started a new diet and received my moonflow all within a few days of each other. I am healing nicely though and back on my feet already. I notice that each and every time I have to go to the hospital the Goddess comes in at some point, picks me up and shakes me free of all mental, spiritual, emotional and physical stagnant clutter that has prevented me from growing and sets me down again. Revived and renewed, I’m ready to tackle the world once again. I feel lighter in my footsteps, in my thoughts, and in my heart.

Thank you Goddess and Blessed be!


  • At 9:20 AM, Blogger eiffilc said…

    Sister, please take care of yourself! I m glad that your okay now.

    I am not surprised that Sandra and Frank asked you to be one to unite them on their wedding. I would love to see pictures with you in blessing robe -- a videotape would be awesome! -smile-

  • At 9:34 AM, Blogger Ray said…

    Why don't you just save your money and get your butt over there! PFFTTH

  • At 5:10 AM, Blogger LARRY said…

    sounds interesting...

    other than that, sounds like you're having one busy productive live...

    post that pic of you with the manager! ;-)


  • At 7:29 AM, Blogger Cory said…

    Never give up hope. As along as you have faith in the living. Things are worthwhile and expereince is something that we all should never take for granted.

    Blessed Be

  • At 8:16 PM, Blogger billy said…

    always enjoy reading yours, and to be ordained online looks exciting to me. good luck to you! am glad for sandra and frank to be married soon. here's the early congratulations on your achievement as the secretary for mhrsd. hope your pool of beautiful women go down to one miss right for you soon! :) hugs xoxoxoxo

  • At 12:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Do you want my honesty? I think you will be one of those series of frog.

    So which one am I?? heh.

  • At 6:34 PM, Blogger Ray said…

    Oh gawd I hope that isn't my fate LOL And I don't know which you are, we dated so long ago I am sure you are a different person today than you were back then.

    Pfftth! Hope life is thriving for you in Arizona! Cliff is moving back there soon. I need to get my butt out there and visit you, Cliff, Rebecca, and Veronica!

  • At 10:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    you are so right about one thing- I am a different person than you once knew. So different that you might will puzzled that person is actually me.....

    They all lives in Phoneix. I live in Tucson. :) I have not really hang out with anyone in that kind of crowd. I've been hanging out with a very different crowd lately. Not only that but am a very busy like a bee!! Buzzzzzin'! :D

  • At 7:52 AM, Anonymous Kristin said…

    Honey, I'm not knocking the Goddess here, just pointing out another viewpoint, but what you're experiencing when you're "released" after a sickness is called exhaustion... that's why your butt is in the hospital with borderline pneumonia.

    Would you sleep a little for me please? Take it easy a bit?


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