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Insight into who I am? Hmm, one of my dearest friends said, "You need to get your t.v. watchin, greenery smokin, feline lovin, tree-huggin, no meat eatin, Goddess-adoring butt out of that bed and get to school! You hear me?!?" Of course I mumble and grumble in protest, mornings aren't my bag.

Saturday, September 18, 2004


Got myself a job finally! Feels real nice to be working again. I was hired as a "Substitute Paraprofessional". Basically what we do is go to different elementary, middle and high schools and work with a group of students who have different ranges of disabilities. From Downs Syndrome, Autistic, Emotionally Disturbed, and so on. The teacher sometimes will give you the lesson plan and you are to help her teach the group. Sometimes it is really down to some of the simpler things like helping them to feed themselves, brush their teeth, clean up after themselves etc. those are the life skills that they will need to learn as they get older so it would enable them to feel somewhat independent. There is also board game playing so that they learn to interact with others effectively.

I already love this job. It comes with extremely rewarding feelings within and they do some things like reach out and hug you which completely catch me off guard. Not only do I teach them but they teach me as well. I love the compassion that takes place between the students and the staff.

So we'll see, if Voc. Rehab will support me to go to college in Colorado then I'll be moving back if they do, with no hesitations. Even if it is only for two years to complete the last of the math and science credits needed to get into the college I really want.

Onto another note, I am working with an event called The Marriage Caravan. They travel from San Francisco all the way to Washington D.C. and will be stopping in Denver on October 6th. There are activities planned around their arrival to spread more awareness and gain more support for marriage equality. I am going to be publicizing the event on different college campuses and wherever else they will need me to do so. Then help out during the activities that day. On October 7th they will have a rally in front of the state capitol and I will make a protest sign of some kind and be in the front lines. Any suggestions for what I oughta say for the sign? Here are some of my thoughts:

"Oh, evolve already! Give us the basic human rights we deserve!"

"Love is love and knows no set and organized gender roles"

"Love INVOLVES all, let us EVOLVE"

"Marriage is a sacred institution, we are capable of upholding it"

Those are just some of them. Any other suggestions you could think of or which one above is your favorite?


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